Welcome to Kiyo Shotz

Our story began with love..

We are a bunch of mavericks from different walks of lives, pursuing different things. Being here and doing what we do is no accident. Nothing in our lives gave us joy as much as the sound of a shutter, so we decided to make a career out of it. That love for the lens was our focal point, which brought us together. Since then we trained hard to bring out the pictures in our head onto the screen, literally bringing visions into reality. We thus became trained professionals and amidst the growing photography industry, we believe that we have a very fresh perspective to offer. We are in this for the biggest reward that we get out of this, which is putting smiles on people’s faces.

We are Kiyo Shotz , we love the art of photography and everything that comes with it ! We couldn’t ask for more !

Best Creative Maternity, Newborn, Baby & Toddler Photographer in Chennai.


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